Mind, Body, Spirit & Finances

We all know that being healthy is a combination of mind, body, and spirit. One of my favorite quotes is, “The body heals with play; the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.” I’d like to take a moment to break down what mind, body and spirit mean to me. Also, I added the word “Finances” because finances are the number one thing that most people stress over which affects your health.

Mind – My mind was in a dark place in January 2017, after receiving the Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis along with the little bit of information the doctors shared with me while I was in the hospital. They made me feel like my life was over. During that month I probably cried every single day. Which is not something that I usually do. I have a positive attitude, I love life and I felt like I was looking down a black hole that I would never be able to crawl out of. Eventually, I became Connie again, but in a different way.

The mind is a powerful tool and our thoughts dictate if we live positively or negatively. All of us spend a lot of our days thinking about everything that is going on in our life. Sometimes it’s taking a vacation, saving to buy a house, wanting a new job, problems in our relationships, even a little family drama. The thoughts that we have can play a big role in the choices that we make in life and it affects our well-being. One of the things that I have shared with people over the years is how important it is to see a counselor. You can learn so much about yourself when you can talk to someone who is great at what they do, which can improve your life. Many health insurance plans now cover counseling services because they have realized how important it is for a person. If you take care of your mind the right way, it will have a positive effect on you and your health.

Body- After spending hundreds of hours on researching my diagnosis and becoming educated, I created my new life. I knew there would be many adjustments. Going out to lunch and dinner with friends and family is something everyone enjoys doing, but for me, that would not be where I would find my happiness. Food had become the enemy and just the thought of sitting in a nice restaurant and all-of-a-sudden having terrible stomach pains made those types of outings unimaginable. Exercising was completely out the window. I was limited in what I could do physically, so I set a goal for myself that I would find a way to rebuild my strength.

I spent almost an entire year buying a house and building a pool so that I could get the exercise I needed. I even moved out of the area that I grew up in just to be able to afford to accomplish this goal. Sacrifices needed to be made but nothing was going to stop me from achieving this. Just after a couple of months of swimming, I have gained a lot of strength and the muscles in my calves that had started to atrophy, are starting to rebuild again.

Spirit-What does that word mean to you? So many of us have a different idea of what this word means. Some of us automatically refer to religious spirit, some a free spirit, but for me, it’s just choosing to have a positive spirit no matter how hard things get. You probably won’t see any pictures of me where I’m not smiling with the biggest cheese smile possible. That’s because I choose to be happy no matter what I’m going through. I have always isolated myself from friends and family during the darkest times in my life. Not because I was depressed, but because it was necessary for me to be in my thoughts and talk myself through the hard times that I was facing.  Fortunately, I have seen some really good counselors over the years and they gave me great insight on how to deal with problems.

Finances-Everyone should be striving towards “Financial Freedom.” Finance is a word that everyone cringes to talk about. Finance involves how much money you make, credit score, budgeting, planning and is the number one thing that relationships fight about. In school, we are not taught about “real life.” We read about history, learn some math, practice how to spell and write but nobody ever sits you down to show you how hard life will be once you are responsible for yourself. There is no reality check that after you graduate from high school that the money you make will most likely go to bills and there will be a depressing amount left over.

When I started my business 10 years ago I wanted to help start-up businesses, small businesses, and individuals who wanted to achieve their personal life goals. What I have seen so much of over the years is that it doesn’t matter if I’m working with a college graduate or an entrepreneur who has no formal education, everyone is in debt. From student loans, car payments, credit card debt and just life. When I sit down with clients to review their finances, most of them are so surprised about how much money they spend frivolously. Their immediate response is, “I don’t know where the money is going. I don’t really spend much.” That is because they don’t set a budget or keep track of what they are spending their money on. They don’t realize that the one shopping spree a month or every other month costs them almost half or all of a mortgage payment.

Finances are part of your health and it’s important to work with someone who knows how to strategically plan to help you reach your goals. I thrive on doing this because I love helping people reach their personal and professional goals. I’ve had enough life and business experience to prove that my plans work if you “follow the plan.” Check out my website: www.precise-business.net. There are additional pages being developed now, so check back in the next week or 2 for a full scope of services.

I’d like to take a moment to circle back around to the Mind. Finding a great counselor to help you through a difficult time in your life can only benefit you. Churches offer great counselors if you don’t feel comfortable seeking advice from a medical professional. With that being said, I am very excited to introduce to you Carla Michelle, PhDc-MMFT. She and I have teamed up and our new office opens at the end of this week! She has a seminar that is coming up in the month of July, which will be held at our new office in the City of Monrovia. If you are interested in learning more about yourself and would like the chance to connect with new people, sign up, it will be worth it! Right now, she has an early bird price posted. Go to her website at www.drcarlainc.com to get more information. This could change your life! The seminar is called “Discovery Breakthrough Session.” I plan on attending myself, so hopefully, I will see some of you there. We are also in the middle of planning an event so stay tuned for more information on when it will be!

In concluding today’s blog, I wanted to share with you a little bit about me. I was a single mom for many years. Even when I re-married, the term single-mom still defined me. That was a choice that I made so that I could co-parent with the father of my children as best as possible. I know how hard life is in general and you won’t just wake up one morning and have everything figured out. But if you create a plan and each day take a step in the direction to eliminate the negative and focus on the positive, you will create the best Mind, Body, Spirit & Financial Freedom for you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bad day where you want to blame the world for things that are going wrong. It means that after you have that moment to vent, get right back on the saddle, focus on the plan and continue to move forward in a positive mindset.

Everyone goes through hard times in their life. Whether it’s divorce, family issues, health issues, financial stress, not liking where you work. YOU have the power to change all of that. By changing your MIND. Every single thing in your life that is negative, you can change. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do so. You just need to want it. Always remember, some of our worst moments in life become our greatest strengths and success stories for the future.  Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Mind, Body, Spirit & Finances”

  1. Excellent! I agree with what you said about finances crisis being a huge issue. Many people even kill themselves because of it, not realizing that it is only temporarily, that the situation will change after they figure out a way to solve the problem, like contacting Precise Business Services for advise. A real problem in life is when we hear from the doctor the name of a terminal illness, like cancer, that we know our life can come to an end and we can feel powerless but that is when hope comes in, a strong hope that we know only God can give us and keep us standing to continue fighting and believing for a change no matter how bad the situation may look. Your complete healing is coming my Connie and also your book!! Love you!


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