Cooking with Connie Part 2

I’m glad that some of you had the chance to make the meals from Cooking with Connie Part 1. I just want to remind everyone that I don’t mind when you message me for questions on how to make some of these dishes. The biggest surprise for anyone that contacted me was how few ingredients each dish takes to make, and they all taste so good!

When you go through an elimination diet, you must get rid of everything that causes inflammation and start from scratch. There is NO CURE for Ulcerative Colitis, so I don’t want anyone to think that a diet change is going to cure them. I recommend adding one item at a time and waiting around 3-4 days to see how your body responds. The goal is to try and achieve remission. The diet change will lower the inflammation in your body allowing it to heal naturally. It doesn’t work for everyone because it depends on how far the disease has progressed. For me, it was worth a shot. Last year in September the doctor told me the disease had progressed. July of this year, my CT scan did not show that it had progressed. So, I’m hoping that the strict diet changes are working. Any person with an autoimmune disease that changes their diet to lower the inflammation in their body, will benefit.

Now to get into Connie’s Cooking Part 2. Here are some more meals that are quick and easy to make but have a few more ingredients involved. Try these when you know what your body can handle. Remember, always replace any ingredient possible with organic and try using non-dairy products. Instead of regular cheese, try vegan cheese. There are so many alternatives, you must try them! The one dish on this menu called Chicken Fricassee really saved my life. I ate it every single day for lunch and dinner for months until I healed. Some days in between I would try other foods, but I always went back to this meal if I started to become symptomatic. Within a day or two, I would be back to normal. Last but not lease, STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR!!!



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